Loki da Trixta - Thievery

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Thievery is the first solo project from Brooklyn based artist Loki da Trixta in almost 2 years. It is a collection of various collaborations, original tracks and remixes of existing songs from known producers such as; Daft Punk, Flying Lotus and Calvin Harris to name a few. Actually, Thievery could be considered a misnomer, of the 17 songs on the record, 8 are completely original tracks without any samples whatsoever. There is a cohesive nature to the project but the sounds are definitely not uniform. There are some Electro/Club party joints, some smooth Hip-Hop ballads, some Rock influenced fight songs, one Afro/Brazilian carnival jump-off and a few funky 8bit 'Glitch Hop' tunes.

Lyrically, Loki is having as much fun as ever, with some songs potent and emotional and some lighthearted and crazy. Guest emcees include leader of NYC new school; Homeboy Sandman, South African futurist Spoek Mathambo, KATS [FreeIceCream.net] & iLLspokinN [Freestyle Mondays], The Brooklyn Psyclonez [Saga One & Sy Young] and one song features the incredible vocal talents of Tara Nova (aka Tara Thomas).

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