Vets of Kin - Pestilence

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After much anticipation the Orlando (Ozone) Super Group Vets of Kin (AMiAM, MyGrane
McNastee, Murdoc, Shinobi Stalin, JBiz, Unique Assassin, Tone Blare, P!, Word Chemist, Clarity, and John Z. Delorean) Has finally released "Pestilence", in association with The Civil Mics Movement and Domination Recordings. This is a compilation of unreleased material spanning from 2006 to the Present. Most of the production was handled by the Vets while JuniAli, DJ Trax, The KickDrums, Dark Horse, and N.O.T.E filled in the blanks. This Project is a collection of Raw Lyricism, Dope Beats, and a Posse Cut Atmosphere. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Proh Mic - Catch A Pisces


The album features Proh Mic singing, rapping, and producing, along with production by Vitamin D and a guest appearance by Adad.

1. Pisces (InProh)
2. Dynoman!
3. Hypnotize
4. 80′s Baby
5. Street Life
6. Carribean Swang
7. Gettin’ High
8. Material Girl produced by Vitamin D
9. Life feat. Adad produced by Vitamin D
10. Where’s The D at?
11. The Real (OutProh)
All songs produced by Proh Mic for Nice 2 Beat U™ except #8 & #9 produced by Vitamin D

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IDE & Alucard feat. Critical & U​.​G. - For Fuck Sake

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83Sound - The Minority Report Ep. 1

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83 sound - the minority report ep 1 back cover

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Chase N Cashe - Vintage

download : chase n cashe - vintage on mediafire

chase n cashe - vintage back cover

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Snoop and Swizz Beats - Doggystyle 2: The Doggumentary

snoop dogg and swizz beats: doggystyle 2, the doggumentary coming soon

Snoop says: 
Be on the lookout for it you bitch!
He (Swizz) just laced my boots up for my new record,
Motherfucker gave me some gangsta shit, some crib shit, some R&B shit, some Hip Hop shit, hard shit, some mean shit.
Swizz says:
That’s how we used to do it back in the day. It used to be about the sound so right now we constructing sounds for the album

18 tracks has been already recorded

Watch Snoop Dogg Announces New Album: Doggystyle 2 on YouTube