The Custodian of Records - The Sampler Platter

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1.Intro 00:48
2.Tame One-Freedom of Speech 02:46
3.Sol Zalez-Thats How It Is (Remix) 03:01
4.Open Campain-Planet Terror (Remix) 02:38
5.Gruff Rhino-They Call Me Rhino (Custee Mix) 01:26
6.Screwtape-The Road 05:47
7.8th W1-The Maverick 01:38
8.One Be Lo-Rocketship (Custee Mix) 02:30
9.Common Sense-Resurrection (Custee Mix) 02:50
10.Wyld Lyfe Federation-It is what it is 04:53
11.Tone Liv-Splish Splash 03:12
12.Pistol-Toxic Avengers Feat. Zagnuts and TMFSE 02:49
13.The Strangerz-The Custodianz 02:26
14.Outro 00:45

About The Custodian of Records:

Hailing from the muck that is Essex County, New Jerusalem (Home of Reggie Noble, Tame and El, Treach and Vinnie, LOTUG and The O.G Flavor Unit) comes The Custodian of Records. A self pro-claimed minimalist, once raised on the Radio, only began producing due to the mainstream of sewage and boring indie scene... Growing up on the four P's (Premier, Prince Paul and Extra P) among an almost endless list of other production greats, his journey begin when he was in the 7th grade and his folks bought him the rag tag Gemini start up kit (As seen in the back of The Source adds next to the gold teeth.) When he found out how "beats" were actually made, he booked time at a local studio and brought his own samples to the engineer to record into the Akai S950 and then dump into the classic SP-1200. Followed by that was a decent software program and weekly trips to local record spots (Yesterdays Books and Music!) and months later began hitting the pads on his trustee MPC 2000XL.. After years of self doubt, he started to step out with beat tapes and would even bring his sampler with him to Speak easy sounds open mics... Wasted money and a shitload of records and beats later, he feels his production is ready for the masses to hear and appreciate...

His production has featured reputable artists such as Sadat X, Pace Won, Main Flow (of legendary group Mood) Thirston Howl III, Bully Mouth (of Mr Lens Dummy Smacks Ent), Reef The Lost Cauze and Doap Nixon (AOTP) and has recently been working with a numerous local Jersey MC's... one of which being Solzalez out of Newark, Brick City… The pair has had their tracks heard on such radio stations as "Coffee Break for Heroes and Villians" on WFMU with Noah Zark along with DJ Eclipse's legendary "Halftime Show" on NYU radio.
His current focus now is to push his first complete album "Burton Music" featuring a wide variety of skilled wordsmiths and of course, raw, straight-to-the-point beats! Slated for digital release in early 09 via Domination Recordings, The Custodian promises to deliver (to put it bluntly) "that classic boom bap shit!"

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