Ayindé - No Slices

download: ayinde no slices

ayinde no slices back cover

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M.A.E. - More EP

download: m.a.e. more ep

m.a.e. more ep back cover

m.a.e. self titled coming summer 2010

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Keda Ru - Interstate 400 Hosted By Cartune Netwerk

download: angel the money magnet and omar iceman sharif present the newest member of dipset west: keda ru the black kennedys, interstate 400 hosted by cartune netwerk

01. Keda Ru - Intoxicated
02. Keda Ru - Keda Ru Checks In
03. Keda Ru - Yeah Right
04. Keda Ru - Fire Up The Dro
05. Keda Ru - I Dont Wanna Jerk
06. Keda Ru - N My Hood
07. Keda Ru - Like Dis
08. Keda Ru - Beat That Booty
09. Keda Ru - Dear Hip Hop
10. Keda Ru - Trickin Aint Trickin
11. Keda Ru - Step Yaa Game Up
12. Keda Ru - After Party
13. Keda Ru - You Dont Know Me
14. Keda Ru - Repenting
15. Keda Ru - Bring The Crown Back

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