Club Embassy - Diplomatic Immunity Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid

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1. Club Embassy Love Intro
2. Skit
3. Live It Up
4. Go Hard feat. GC
5. Get Money feat. Mistah Fab and Bamboo
6. Wifin In The Club feat. Verse Simmonds
7. Forever feat. Rock City
8. Whatcha Say
9. Forgive Them Father
10. Sexy Bitch
11. Club Love
12. Throw It In My Hand
13. Gangsta Shit
14. Physical Girl feat. Hayes
15. Get It Poppin feat. Bamboo and GC
16. Skit
17. I Want Your Cash
18. If I Dont Have You
19. Shut It Down fea.t Nivia and P. Obeori