Lord Faz Presents: DJ Kesmo & Lord Faz - under C skillz vol.2 | 2010 Beat Trotterz Reedition

download: lord faz presents: dj kesmo and lord faz - under c skilz vol.2 front cover, 2010 beat trotterz reedition

Kesmo’s Side

01-Intro (DJ Kesmo)-Bigger Than... / Librestyle Prod.
02-Sixtoo-Work in Progress
03-Fel Sweetenberg-The Hierarchy / Groove Attack
04-Encore-Essential Yours / Hiero Emporium
05-Dilated People-Marathon / ABB
06-LMNO-Two Tour One / Up Above
07-Lament-Fuck The P#*!$# / IFR
08-The Lin-Doa / World Records
09-4-Zone-Dippin / Ill Boogie Records
10-React & Percee P-My Instrument / Echelon Records
11-Sharkry feat Vast Air-Fuzz / Baby Grande Records
12-Mr Sayyid-The Ills / Soundrink Records
13-JayLib-The Hieghst / Stone Throw

Lord Faz’s side

01-JayLib-Strip Club / Stones Throw
02-Lootpack-Female Request Line / Crate Diggas Palace
03-Mass Influence feat Jax & Flux of Binkis-Yo! Atlanta Ya On / Deepcon recording
04-Maylay Sparks-5034 / Rapster Records
05-Baby Black-Wake Up / Rapster Records
06-Obscure Disorder feat Ill Bill & Gortex-2004 / Audio Research
07-Cannibal Ox feat Rob Swift-Cosmos / Table Turns
08-The Infesticons-Cinderella Theme / Big Dada
09-DJ Krush feat Anto Pop Consortium-Supreme Team / Sony
10-KHM-Sally / Live On Records
11-Aesop Rock & L.I.F.E. Long-Inner City Hustle / Embedded
12-C Rayz Walz-Battle Me / Definitve Jux

download: lord faz presents: dj kesmo and lord faz - under c skilz vol.2, 2010 beat trotterz reedition

2003 Librestyle prod.

2010 © Beat Trotterz Reedition

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