Substantial & Dub MD - Wink (Something Substantial)

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01. Introduction By Billy Bee Whitums
02. R Luv Songs Gay? (Prod. by Tonedeff)
03. Without You (Prod. by Subtracktion)
04. The Love Song (Prod. by Nujabes)
05. Eclipse (Prod. by Nujabes)
06. Hikari (Prod. by Nujabes)
07. Let Me Stay (Prod. by T-Dot Da Kid)
08. Am I Dreamin’ feat. Nate Vibez (Prod. by Marcus D)
09. It’s You (I Think) (Prod. by Kno)
10. It’s You – Unknown Remix feat. Steph (Prod. by The Unknown)
11. Potential feat. JsouL & Eric Roberson (Prod. by JsouL)
12. Precious Love feat. Milka (Prod. by DJ Deckstream)
13. Up Close & Personal feat. PackFM (Prod. by Tonedeff)
14. She Wanna Roll with A Winner feat. Gods’Illa (Prod. by Joe.D)
15. Peaches feat. Scavone, Doujah Raze, & Potta (Prod. by The Resource)
16. U Can Get It (Prod. by Algorythm)
17. Body Language feat. Powerful (of Gods’Illa) (Prod. by Kokayi)
18. Make Love (Prod. by ChewFu)
19. Can We (Prod. by ChewFu)
20. The Bidness feat. Naturel & rnb
21. Freq’N‘U w/ Fresh Daily & rnb (Prod. by Keeby)
22. The Jacket 3 feat. Steve Wallace (Prod. by Studio Steve Wallace)
23. QT (Quality Time) (Prod. by Final)
24. I’ll Be Back feat. Sweep (Prod. by DJ Deckstream)
25. U Were There feat. JsouL (Prod. by Joe.D)
26. BONUS: Ugly Woman feat. Extended Famm (Prod. by Kno)

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