Critical Madness - Organ Donors

download: critical madness organ donors

On the horizon of the release of their first official LP, "Bringing Out The Dead", Critical Madness has dug deep into their endless well of sickness to put together a free compilation of unreleased and rare songs for the fans. "Organ Donors" is 23 straight tracks of raw, riot-inducing insanity that stays true to the CM formula which will be released on Domination Recordings. "Organ Donors" features production from the usual suspects TEMPERMENTAL, Little Vic and TzariZM as well as others. The guest appearances range from long-time Ozone collaborators Mygane McNastee and Caveman Theory to Jise (formerly of The Arsonists), the Creative Juices fam and UG (formerly of The Dwellas). This compilation is sure to provide the fix for all those who have been eagerly awaiting the release of "Bringing Out Dead", which will follow shortly after.

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