Soul Mind Status - Uncut Files Vol.2

download: soul mind status uncut files vol.2

soul mind status uncut files vol.2 back cover

The Uncut files is a project to support the underground artists and make their
message heard by a
broader audience. This serie is compiled by Uncut and mixed by L.G.
Fans first but also Soul & Hip Hop lovers, they are evolving under the
alias Soul Mind Status.
Exploring the heart of Black music in its many forms, they make it their
mission to let you to
discover or rediscover some of the real players in this twisted art form. The
today televised
musical landscape doesn't reflect the taste of many and in that case their
taste. Real recognize
This compilation is for promotional use only and that means not for sale. We do
it for the love.
The revolution will not be televised !!!

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